caspio development easy online database solutionCaspio is the all-inclusive online database platform designed for business users to create sophisticated web forms, reports and complete web and mobile applications fast and without coding.

All-in-One Business Application Platform

Everything You Need to Build Custom Business Apps Fast

It used to be that creating and running a business application required developers, database administrators, software licenses, hosting services, monitoring and backup service. You needed to bring various people and technologies together, spend a great deal of time to build the application, and have the experts monitor uptime and its day-to-day operation. It was complex, slow and expensive to build, and costly to maintain and change.

Not anymore. Caspio changes all that. The Caspio application platform is designed to simplify all these complexities, reduce time-to-market by at least 10 times, and cut the cost to a small monthly fee.

With Caspio, project owners are empowered to create and change their own business applications, allowing them to move fast and respond to opportunities immediately. At the same time, it frees the scarce IT resources to focus on other business priorities.

Caspio customers are diverse and cover the entire spectrum of sizes and industries. They include large government agencies and Fortune-500 companies, small and medium-sized businesses, and startups and one-person entrepreneurs. The ROI achieved through the use of Caspio is well documented and its superb reliability and world-class support has received many accolades.

Utilizing Caspio’s platform, organizations are finally able to build applications and automate tasks that, due to costs or complexity, have been left undone for years. This unleashes the creativity of business managers, marketing professionals and information workers. In an era where the internet is a fundamental part of every business, Caspio has shown to be indispensable.

caspio development easy online database solution

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