Social Media Administration

As your companies social media administrator we serve as the brains behind your organization’s social media platforms. DRM Development writes and curates content designed to engage followers and promote the brand in a positive manner. We use a combination of marketing skills and social media expertise, along with business and SEO analysis, to apply a strong Social Media Plan for your organization.

Job Duties

  • As your social media administrator, we create and execute social media campaigns to promote your brand or organization. We conduct research to see what competitors are doing and to learn popular trends to incorporate into the strategy. To ensure customer satisfaction, DRM Development must respond to complaints, questions and comments left on the company’s social media pages in a timely and appropriate manner. In addition, as your organization’s social media administrator, we continuously monitor site analytics to see what types of content followers respond to the most and adjusts the strategy accordingly.

Qualifications and Experience

  • As  a social media administrator, we are creative thinkers with a passion for social media. Extensive experience using popular platforms is a must, combined with a desire to keep up with current social media trends. Excellent writing skills and the ability to connect with key influencers is an important aspect of our job, to create engaging content and properly promote it.

Work Environment

  • As your  social media administrator, we usually work in a ,ix of an onsite and offsite work environment. Although most work is during  standard office hours, we often are  expected to stay connected to the company’s social media pages on nights, weekends and holidays to help monitor and track customer questions, comments and concerns across time zones.

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