Upcoming Angular 4 Development Training Dates

Upcoming 2018 Dates (4 Day Training Program – Online – Instructor Led)
Feb 6 – Feb 9
March 6 – March 9
April 3 – April 6
May 1 – May 4
June 5 – June 8

Contact philm@drmdev.net

Introduction to Angular 4 training covers everything you need to know to get started with this next generation of the Angular framework. Angular 4 makes the creation of single page applications even easier that before. In this course developers will learn to use Angular Directives and to create Angular Components and Services to develop applications based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. You will learn to use HTML Templates to define views and to connect views with code using output, two-way, event and property bindings. The course reviews the benefits and challenges of Single Page Applications and how to overcome those challenges using the Angular Router. The course also covers everything you need to know about Typescript – a programming language based on JavaScript that is used to create Angular 4 applications.Working with data performing CRUD operations is covered calling real rest services.

Learning Objectives
In this training, attendees will learn how to:
Create single page web applications using the MVC pattern of Angular
Understand how write and organize Angular code
Program Angular View Components and Services
Use Angular output, two-way, event and property bindings
Exchange data with network servers using the Angular HTTP Client
Work with Angular Pipes to format data
Create and work with Angular Forms
Angular Component Router

Special Note to New Hampshire Residents
This course has not yet been approved by the State’s Department of Education. Please contact us to get an update as to when the class should be available in New Hampshire.

Students should have some prior understanding of web development using, HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Experience developing with AngularJS or Angular 2 (the prior versions) is not required.